Saint Mary's Home of Erie, PA

2013 Ageless Remarkable Erieites

Mary Alice Brown

Mary Alice is “keeping jazz alive” in the Erie area. She continues to delight audiences with her supple piano music and magnetic personality. In addition to her great repertoire of concerts, Mary Alice has established a community music school at the John F. Kennedy Community Center and currently works with students both at the Center and at Mercyhurst University.

Noel Jaeger Burgoyne

Noel spent 37 years teaching English and a lifetime exhibiting a spirit of giving. Today as before, her actions speak louder than words in her dedication to various agencies, schools and organizations in the Erie area. Her relentless energy and positive attitude combine to make her volunteer approach one of “par excellence.”

Lewis "Bud" Briggs
At the age of 95, Bud is Chairman of Erie Plating Company. Though he doesn’t work everyday, he has no plans of retiring. As an accomplished trumpet player, he is active in several area bands and brings joy to everyone that he entertains. Known for his dapper appearance, always in coat and tie, Bud’s zest for life is contagious.