Deadline to nominate is April 21, 2023

To nominate a local individual or couple, please fill out the form below. All nominations will be considered and reviewed by the Saint Mary's Follies Committee.

If you don't know exact details, that's okay - just complete the form to the best of your knowledge. We may reach out to you for more information.

Please note: This form must be completed in one sitting. Progress will not be saved - you may wish to take a look at the form first and come back to it with prepared responses!

Contact Brookelynn Nageotte at 814-836-4393 or with questions.

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Nominee's Information

About the individual or couple you are nominating. If nominating a couple, please provide both names. Both nominees must be age 75 or older.

Nominee's Involvement

Nominees must be active with at least one organization. Please provide the name, contact person, and phone number for each organization that you list. You must list at least one.

Statement of Support

Please share a brief statement as to why your nominee is an Ageless Remarkable Erieite.