Saint Mary's Home of Erie, PA

The James E. Mantyla Benevolent Care Fund

In 2018, Saint Mary's provided an estimated $357,461 of care through our James E. Mantyla Benevolent Care Fund, to qualified seniors receiving Residential Care due to gifts from people like you!

How Benevolent Care Makes a Difference

Sometimes life’s story plays out unexpectedly. A father, who spent a lifetime juggling two jobs to support his family, never expected that what he mindfully saved along the way wouldn’t be enough to sustain the years of care he would need. This is a reality any of us could face, as life expectancies and costs continue to rise. However, you can offer greater hope to this gentleman, and other seniors like him, through your gift to Saint Mary’s James E. Mantyla Benevolent Care Fund.

Seniors benefiting from Benevolent Care have been admitted to Residential Care, and have been fully paying for their own care for a number of years. But now, through no fault of their own, they are outliving the financial means for their care. Medicare and Medicaid do not typically provide reimbursement for Residential Care, so donations to the James E. Mantyla Benevolent Care Fund are vital.